I've just read all the 19 messages and i realized that all of them are about vb6 project.

well in my case i'm having problems when i'm trying to make an installer in 2003

First of all. I add a "proyect of installation and implementation" then i add the project that is gonna take part of the installer. When i finish that then I start the deploy and inmediately i got this error "the file c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll may have dependencies. make sure the dependencies are in the project".

I click the button "accept" and the installer finish. Then when i try to install the program in a machine that already has installed the IE7 i got this error

"Application has generated an exception that couldn't be handled

process id = 09xc8(2504), thread id = oxd50(3408)."

I tried many ways to solve this problem. I used what others said, like instead of ieframe.dll put the shdocvw.dll but it doesn't work for me.

Any ideas

Thanks in advance.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 "c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll have dependencies" the executable generate an error


did you resolve this

I get a problem when the program installs of which I just click continue, then I get a runtime error as yours that is nto handled. Now to get around it I uninstalled all versions of my application and then reinstalled it. I still got the installation error, but clicked continue, and the app ran fine, apart form one computer that is!!!!!

So if you have a resolution please post.

Many thanks