I'm supporting an application in my office that runs in a web browser and connects to a secure area of our website. The users locate customers in browser instance 1 and then click a link to log into the customer account in browser instance 2. The problem occurs when the user logs out of customer account in browser 2 and returns to browser 1 to locate the next customer. The session number has changed and the security cookies have disappeared forcing the user to log into the application again in browser 1.

The user environment is Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows XP Professional. The application is written using ASP and VB Script. I've tried different methods of starting browser 2 including a form post, anchor tag and javascript They all exhibit the same behavior. The interesting thing is that the application works fine in FireFox.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue will be grealty appreciated.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 Changes Session Numbers


All of internet explorer's windows share the same cookies as far as I know - and therefore share sessions assuming your sessions are tracked by using cookies. But the same thing is true for Firefox.

It sounds to me like you're trying to log into the same application with different credentials in browser window 2, right In that case I don't se how it would work in either IE or Firefox.

Are you using something other than cookies to track the sessions Or somehow using another method of tracking which browser window is which, such as some embedded POST or GET variable I think you'll have to write the application to allow the same browser (sharing cookies) to be logged in with multiple sets of credentials if that's what you want. Or use a different login interface (using separate cookies and authentication) for the customer accounts - at least for this part of the application.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 Changes Session Numbers



i am experienced with strange problem in my application. This is occurring only in my client environment .It's problem in IE 7 and Fire fox.

Problem: when user login to my application with his user id and password he is able to see his information. IF he is trying to click some other menu PersonalData in my application he is able to see other person profile.

Technically: when he logged into application i am storing his id in session. I am using this session id in my PersonalData asp page in where condition area for retrieving his information.

Could you please let me know in which scenario it will change the session id.

I am unable to reproduce this problem in my development, pre production environment. and more i logged in to this application by using his uesrid and password i am not getting any problem. I got shocked after net meeting with user. I am unable to reproduce .Please help me to identify the exact problem.

I appreciate fast response from you