On my laptop with XP Home, I can right click IE7 and can choose 'no-addons,' which is great for viewing some sites with all those ridiculous moving/jumping ads as it eliminates at least some, if not all, of them.

I just installed XP pro on a new system and after downloading IE7, I don't see that option anymore. I did find it by going through the Start menu, but I really would like it back in the right click menu. How do I get it there Is there a registry entry I can make

I even tried uninstalling IE7 and reinstalling it again, but it simply remembered all my 'preferences' from before. If nothing else I'll reinstall XP, but surely there must be another way.

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Right click menu in IE7


Just create a shortcut with the filename iexplore.exe and the parameters -extoff

The context menu option is only available from the "Special" desktop item for Iexplore.exe, not any other shortcuts.