When calling a JavaScript function from the Flash plugin via getURL("javascript:myFunc();"); I receive an "access is denied" error if that function includes a resizeBy call -- however, the "access is denied" error does NOT occur if I call an 'alert' first. Is this an IE bug Are there any workarounds

http://img.ravenworks.ca/resizeTest.htm (causes error)
http://img.ravenworks.ca/resizeTestAlert.htm (works)

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Re: Internet Explorer Web Development 'access is denied' JS error when called from flash, sometimes?


Well, someone on the Adobe Flash forums was able to help me -- it happened because Flash was triggering the javascript during an 'onmousedown' event, i.e. my mouse button was still down when the resizeBy function happened. The 'alert' one worked because I had to let go of the mouse button to click away the alert box. Apparently IE has some restriction against moving the window while the mouse button is down (not that the error message helped at all).