Tarh ik

Hi Everybody!!!

It seems that there is a problem with Internet Explorer 7: I have a web page with animated gifs that works fine with Internet Explorer 6... but it seems that these animated gifs don't work well with Internet Explorer 7.

Now, from the begining: I created a web page in which I use some animated gifs to roll-up buttons. I use the traditional approach in which I load the gif image first into an array, as follows:

document.images[this.lngImageIndex].src = this.arrAnimationLib[this.lngNextAnimationSequence].imgAnimation.src;

Where: "this" is the typical JavaScript class implementation, arrAnimationLib is an array of objects, who then they have "imgAnimation" as a property which is an object where I previously load an animated gif.

The funny stuff is that the image does change, however, they always show the last frame of the animation: They never show any of the other of the previous 8 frames. I'm inclined to think that there is either a special setting that I need to implement in IE7 or something. As I said before, the same page works well in IE 6

Any feedback is greatelly appreciated!!!


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I am having the same problem with animated gifs not working on web pages when it worked with IE 6

So far I am not impressed with IE7 and I am uncovering manuy issues. I am hoping a technical person answers this particular problem.

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Go to Internet Options, select Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see "Play animations in webpages" under Multimedia is checked. Then restart your IE.

Hope it works for you.

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Wise Pro

I also got the same problem. After doing some research I found out the root cause of the problem (atleast for my case). But I don't have any solution on how to get rid of this issue. May be Microsoft can address this.

The issue is when "IE 7.0 is sending request" or "when there is some serious stuff being done on the server side" IE 7 is not able to play animation in the gif image. It is showing the image but it is not playing any animation stuff. For example in my "jsp"(JavaServer Pages) I have an animated gif image that contains progress bar kind of thing that moves from right to left (repeats) continously when user selects an file (path) and clicks upload button. The animated gif works fine in IE 6.0 and FF 1.5 but not in IE 7.0. The progress bar stands still at a position in IE 7.0 when the form is getting "submitted" (or when "sending request").

But when I open the same image in IE 7.0 directly by giving the file path in the address bar it is working perfect with all animation. So I think there is some defect with IE 7.0 with animated gif images not being played when the form is getting submitted or request is being sent.

If anyone has an work around for this issue please post here.


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I was horrified when I reviewed one of my sites in Explorer 7 because some animated gifs triggered by a Dreamweaver DHTML Timeline were not playing their frames. These are vital to the site concept so I was just a bit concerned! Anyway, I had a sneaking suspicion that the 'preload images' statement was causing the gifs to actually load and play on page load, which did not occur in Explorer 6.

I removed this event from the body tag and voila' the gifs all function fine. Yipeee! Hope this helps Manuel.....

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" onLoad="MM_preloadImages('myanimation.gif')">

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000">    =   Fix

Sorry, not sure if this will help you with the forms related issue Abishek. Try it though, because as you discovered, my gifs all played fine if loaded into browser directly by their path to the graphics folder they are in, problem was only when webpage was pre-loading them. So perhaps your form page has the preload event and it is causing the loadbar to display on its last frame.


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Tarh ik

Hi Dave!!

Thanks for your feedback!! I'll add code to my web page so if it is using something other than Internet Explorer 7 I'll cache my graphics, otherwise I'll just show them directly.

Best Regards,

Tarh Ik

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Wise Pro,

I'm experiencing the same problem (animated gif not playing while JSP page processing server tasks). I've dragged the same animated gif into the browser window and it plays as expected so I know it's not a browser setup issue, and I'm not using Dreamweaver/Fireworks scripts to pre-load the image.

Any further information you've found or workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If you're desperate, use Ajax calls.

An ajax call - for a request that might take a little time for the server to response to - will release the current page to display your animated GIF.

It's more work, of course - you have to code the Ajax call, and have follow-up functions, etc.

But your animated GIFs will happily play away :-)