I've worked on RichText editor for web pages and have met a problem with block elements. The editable area (iframe) is 400px width and inside I create div element with static width 600px. The problem is, that the border of the div element overflows out of the iframe and the content od the div element is impossible to select.
Have anyone met this problem
Thank's Andrew

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Problem with block elements in designMode


Hi i am a start up software professional. I have a title and text which is having different set of formatting options like Font-Size,Font-Family,Alginment,Italics etc. The problem tat i am facing rite now is i have to put both the title and text in the same Paragraph(<p>) tag. But when i give the formatting option to title then i have to put the text in <span> tag. But this <span> tag is not taking all the formatting options. Is there any solutions for this. Kindly help me out.