I'm trying to use the market manager to refresh on the new ad I've added using the manager. Well, if I put the refresh cache url in the IE (http://MyWebSite/MyWebSite/SiteCacheRefresh.axd CacheToRefresh=AllMarketingCaches), it'll just work. But if I click on the 'Refresh Site Cache' in the manager, it gives me the following error in the event log:

An exception occurred in the 'MarketingWebService' Web service. Exception details follow:

Microsoft.CommerceServer.CacheRefreshFailedException: One or more errors occurred while refreshing the cache 'AllMarketingCaches' of the site 'MyWebSite':

The server 'MyWebServer' of the application 'StarterSite' returned HTTP status code 401 (Unauthorized). The cache refresh URL used was 'http://MyWebSite/MyWebSite/SiteCacheRefresh.axd CacheToRefresh=AllMarketingCaches'.

See the server event event log for more details.
at Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Configuration.CommerceResourceCollection.RefreshCache(String cacheName, CommerceResourceCollection resourceCollection)
at Microsoft.CommerceServer.Internal.Marketing.DataMarketingSystemImpl.RefreshCache(String cacheName)
at Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing.WebService.MarketingWebService.RefreshCache(String cacheName)

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

BTW, we're using one application pool for the catalog, marketing, orders and profiles. I wonder whether that has something to do with it.



Re: Commerce Server 2007 marketing manager refresh site cache problem (url in ie works)

Joseph Johnson


You need to correct the SiteCacheRefresh.axd location permissions in your web.config file (on your web servers and the OrdersWebService).

Here's the documentation:


By default, your authorization settings for this path are defined as follows:

<location path="SiteCacheRefresh.axd">



<allow roles="BUILTIN\Administrators" />

<allow roles="VORDEFINIERT\Administratoren" />

<allow roles="BUILTIN\Administrateurs" />

<deny users="*" />

<deny users=" " />




You basically need to add your app pool accounts to the allow roles section, because right now they are being evaluated by the deny users="*" expression. The reason this works in IE is because you're probably logged in as an account which is in the BUILTIN\Administrators group.

Re: Commerce Server 2007 marketing manager refresh site cache problem (url in ie works)


Yeah, I did the WebOrderService before, but forgot to update the server's web.config.

Works great when both updated!!!