Hello - I am trying to install on a Vista Ultimate 32-bit machine that is not connected to a domain. I get errors about the RFID Creat ADMarker error and the install does a roll-back after reporting an error 2738.

Any special procedures to installing on a Vista, non-domain joined machine


Jeff Barnes

Re: BizTalk RFID Vista Installation problems

Bhola Meena[MSFT]

Hi Jeff,

can you try to install again by fullfilling following conditions:

1. Disble UAC

2. Run setup from Administrator console.

If it still rollback then please send us the installer log so we investrigate it further and improve our product. Send it to



Re: BizTalk RFID Vista Installation problems


Hi, Bhola

I also have vista installation problem. It always say the MSMQ is not installed, but I have installed it several times in adding windows programs.

Why is it still this error