I am looking for a description of testing techniques with diagram or graph showing the division of static, dynamic, black-box, white-box techniques... Unfortunatelly I couldn't find anything interesting in google. Maybe somebody knows where I can find something like this.


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Alan Page

I don't recall ever seeing a diagram showing all of these techniques. I have seen a venn diagram showing the relationship between white box and black box testing (if I could draw here, I would, so I'll attempt to describe it).

Let the left circle of the venn diagram equal the totality of the software project, while the right circle represents the testing effort. According to Boris Beizer, the testing effort of black box alone results in an overlap between 35% and 65% (i.e. black box testing alone typically covers between 35 and 65% of the project). White box testing allows you to shift the diagram closer together (or more overlap depending on how you view it). It also potentially allows you to reduce overtesting (areas where multple tests are covering the exact same code in the same way).

I don't know how I would represent static vs. dynamic testing. Dynamic testing can find almost any issue that static testing can find, but static testing finds the issues much earlier. Of course, there are many issues that static testing will not find, so the key is to have a strategy that includes static testing early, as well as dynamic testing throughout the product cycle.

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hi alan,

good one ,it is possible to Elaborate more on static & dynamic testing, with added example.



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Alan Page

Static testing is testing done without the program running. This can be manual (code reviews, design reviews, etc.), or automated (code analysis tools). Static testing is good because it finds a lot of bugs before they ever get into testing, but it can miss some bugs.

Dynamic testing is any testing that occurs while the program is running. It can also include analysis tools (e.g. memory checkers) that run while you are performing other testing tasks.

Is that what you were asking

Re: Software Testing Discussion Testing techniques

Re: Software Testing Discussion Testing techniques


Here question seems to be related "Test design techniques" not "testing techniques" ...

I believe, people like Alan, Keith can articulate the difference between "testing techniques" vs "test design technique ...

Test design techniques could be classified as

Blackbox vs Whitebox - based on concept of box, where do you draw the box and viewer' position.

Static vs Dynamic tests - based on what will be happening to application while a test is being executed ...

and so on ...


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Bj Rollison

I don't want to engage in a long debate on the denotation of words, but a technique is a systematic procedure to help solve a (singular) complex problem. So, while I may use a technique in the design of a specific test (if it applies within the context of my hypothesis), I may approach that test from different perspectives.

Thus, my approach to test design, or designing a test may be from a black, white, or (often ideally) gray box perspective of the "box."

Static and dynamic explain how tests are executed.

Code reviews are one example of static tests. Code reviews can also be described as a white box test because the test design explicitly requires knowledge of and access to the source code. When I design a white box test as part of a formal code review I might employ a structural testing technique such as decision or branch testing to evaulate control flow.

Setup testing is an example of dynamic tests. Setup tests are usually designed from a 'black-box' or 'gray-box' test design approach. Because the setup matrix may be large and complex, I will generally use a combinatorial analysis (pair-wise) technique (along with risk and historical analysis) to systematically identify combinations.

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all the basic testing techniques i have found at

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I do not know who created or owns (it is hosted by e-ICON ONLINE SERVICES PVT.LTD)

But they list only 2 static analysis techniques under their link Software Testing-Testing Techniques:
1. Formal Technical Review and 2. Code Walkthrough
While these are fine techniques, it is by no means "all".
They don't cover the most effective static technique which is called Software Inspections.
Tehy don't cover all the design techniques like category-partition, cause-effect, etc.
They discuss boundary value under "types".

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Ití»s a wild guess but I think Katie (katiesuzanne) is the owner of this site (