SharpForge ( ) is an open source, c#, dot net 2.0, project management web application. It features.....

  • multiple portals
    Run multiple portals off the same database/web application. Each portal can remain independant or they can share users( in progress )
  • multiple projects
    Run multiple projects at the same time. Users can create their own projects and manage their own user's and permissions.
  • subversion administration
    Creating a project creates a new svn repository. Updating the roles and role members via the application modifies the svn acl's.
  • work item tracking
    Simple but powerful work tracking. Users can vote for bugs or features they want actioned first.
  • project forums
    Stay in touch with your user and developer community.
  • release management
    Distribute releases to your users. WSIWYG release notes and multiple file upload. An RSS feed for all project releases is available from the home page.
  • subversion wiki
    No need to learn any wiki syntax. Html content is loaded directly out of the project's Subversion repository to the browser. Any project member with commit access to the wiki directory can update the content quickly and easily. Only users with premissions to view the wiki directory can view the content.
  • subversion browsing
    Browse the Subversion repository online by directory and by revision.
  • news feed aggregation
    Releases are made available through RSS feeds.
  • business friendly open source license
    The new BSD license means your able to use it within a business context without having to pay or contribute all your work back to the community.
  • no subversion, svnserve or apache
    Subversion is not a requirement, however if you use it you have the option of using either svnserve or Apache as the server.

It's great if,

  • you're running an open source project and want more control than SourceForge, CodePlex or Google Code allow
  • you're running a closed source project and want features similar to these project hosting sites
  • your team uses Subversion but find the administration and user management time consuming
  • you're into Subversion but want more "collaboration" features
  • you're not using Subversion but want release management, forum or work item tracking
  • you're into Trac but would prefer something written in C#
  • you're into Trac but would prefer something that is designed to handle multiple projects by design

As the title says, it's like having SourceForge or CodePlex but for your own team or organisation. The software is released under the business friendly New BSD License.

Come and check it out and join the community...