Sergio Gonz&#225&#59;lez

I'm wondering if that behaviour is common or I have some undetected problem around...

My hardware specs:
AMD 3700+
1 GB Ram
Nvidia 7600GT
Windows XP SP2
MSRS 1.5
Visual Studio 2003 Professional, 2005 Professional, 2008 Professional Beta 2.
.Net Frameworks 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5

Maybe some combination of the software I have is causing this.
I ran it from VPL in simulation, even tutorials have this cpu use.

Any more information I can supply

Re: Microsoft Robotics - Simulation dsshost.exe taking 100% of cpu

George Chrysanthakopoulos

hi, not its not common Smile On an almost 10 year old P4 at 800mhz and 256MB of ram, we run the explorer service, which many times a second receives notifications from laser, odometry, bumpers, etc etc at only 20% cpu utilization.

Dsshost consumes near xero cpu utilization when no message processing is occuring, and even under heavy loads, its pretty efficient (for a managed application)

Can you please check your console/output service in the web browser and see if any error messages occur Also does this 100% issue happen with just running dsshost with no manifest (with just a http port supplied)

Does it happens with running service tutorial 1



Re: Microsoft Robotics - Simulation dsshost.exe taking 100% of cpu

Sergio González

Thanks for your answer, here's what i got

Only dsshost: no problem
ServiceTutorial1: 0% cpu utilization
ServiceTutorial2: 0%
ServiceTutorial3: 0%
ServiceTutorial4: 0%
ServiceTutorial5: 0% to max 2% for no more than 3 seconds (overall 0% and when it gets to more, don't last more than 3 seconds)
ServiceTutorial6: same as before.

SimulationTutorial1: max 30% on start, went to 8% after 5 seconds, I just leave it running and saw ~80 to 95% cpu utilization for about 5 seconds... went to 8% and later it stays at ~80 to 95%. I wait for about 5 minutes without any change. No problem in console/output
SimulationTutorial2: failed to load P3DX, couldn't find the file or assembly. TAble loaded without problem.
SimulationTutorial3: 30% for about 20 seconds, after went up to 95% and stays there for some time, down again to 30% stays there and later went to 95% and finally reamins there.
SimulationTutorial4: almost the same behaviour, at the end it just stays over 95%. No problem informed at console/output
Simulation Tutorial5: over 95% from the beginning but now with a problem informed in console/output:

PhysicsErrorStream: Error code 206 reported. Message:Creating static compound
shape - performance warning
* Service uri: [10/04/2007 17:35:55][http://powerpc:50000/simulateddifferenti
* Service uri: [10/04/2007 17:35:56][http://powerpc:50000/simulatedlrf/230613
* Service uri: [10/04/2007 17:35:56][http://powerpc:50000/simulatedbumper/2db

Interestengly, I have C, D, H letters for HDD, E, F, G for optical drives (1 virtual). E has a DVDRW...

File:E:\p4\release\PhysX_2.7.0\novodex\SDKs\Physics\src\Actor.cpp is not local in my computer.

Well, with this experiments the problem is clearly somewhere in the simulation environment.
Thanks for any help Smile

ServiceTutorial3. Remember that later it went up to 95% and stays there...


Re: Microsoft Robotics - Simulation dsshost.exe taking 100% of cpu

George Chrysanthakopoulos

Hi, does your card support the PS 3.0 profile (highest quality setting in our sim editor)

High cpu utilization might mean some of the graphics calls are taking along time, i cant think of anything else.

what is wierd is that the P3dx robot did not load. can you please include details on that error i will move this thread btw to the sim forum for further troubleshooting