Josh Magnuson

We have a reached a road block in which we are hoping someone here can assist us.

We are using Biztalk Server 2006 R2. Our backend is SQL Server 2000. We are using X12 and AS2 for all communication.

We are sending EDI 810s (Invoices) to our partners using the EDISEND pipeline, and they are sending back EDI 997s (Functional Acknowlegements) which we are receiving through an EDIRECEIVE pipeline. The 997s are currently being written to a file location upon receipt.

This process is working fine in that they are successfully receiving the 810s, and we are successfully receiving the 997s back from them, except we are unsure how to properly process the 997s we are receiving. We would like to update a database table with a datetime stamp of when we received the 997 for the corresponding 810.

We first attempted to set up a send-receive (request-response) port that would send the 810, receive the 997 acknowledgement back, and update the table at that time. Our problem in this instance was how to properly configure the send-receive port to send the 810 EDI File, and receive the 810 EDI File. It appears that “FILE” is not an option when configuring this type of port.

Our second attempt, was to create two other orchestrations. The first orchestration (which is working fine), picks up the 810 file that we have created and sent to our partner, grabs the Group Control Number from the ST02 element in the ST segment, and writes this value to a database table, associating it with an internal invoice number.

We then created a second orchestration whose purpose was to pick up the 997 received, grab the Group Control Number from the AK102 element of the AK1 segment, and update the corresponding invoice in our database table with a datetime stamp signifying that the 997 was received.

What appears to be happening in this case is that the 997 file is picked up, but nothing inside the orchestration appears to be taking place. There are no errors in the event log, and the message is not suspended. We are thinking that because Biztalk 2006 R2 is setup to process 997s “automatically,” that maybe it is taking over the 997 before it can be processed by the orchestration.

At this point we are unsure how to proceed, and so are hoping others have had this same requirement, and can point us towards the best solution.


Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data

Mike Koerner


There are EDI status reports built into R2. They are located on the Group Hub page of the Admin console. You might have to scroll down to see them. You can see the parties, control ids and other stuff.

The problem I am having is that the inbound 997s are not updating the Interchange status from "Ack Expected" to "Accepted". What are the Interchange statuses for your 810s

Seems like your orchestration is not subscribing to the 997s. Try turning off the send port writing out the inbound 997. If there are no subscriptions to the message then it will be suspended. You can then try to troubleshoot why the orch won't get the 997. The message will not be suspended if there is at least one subscription to it.

Good luck,


Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data


Hi Josh,

I am new to EDI concepts, I am facing the same problem like you mentioned. We are sending 850 to vendor and they respond with 997 Schema. We are using Biztalk 2006 R2.

As you mentioned in your post, how did u grab the Group Control number..since it is genarated by Biztalk when you use the EdiSend pipeline

It seems 997 doesn't have the Order(invoice) number. So I can't create correlation on PO number and wait for ACK.

How did u mange to get work your requirement That helps me in my case...

Please give some suggession...You can respond on my mail ID:

I couldn't find anything in internet.

Thanks in advance....

Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data

Josh Magnuson


Unfortunately, I have no clue how to grab the Group Control Number. We got derailed by some other issues (85x processing) and I'm just getting back to 997s. The reply above from Mike points toward the orchestration grabbing the 997 data, but I was hoping for some example of this as I don't have the first idea how to do it. What do you do inside the orchestration to get data from the 997

There is no send port for our 810 997s and I don't see anything in the Group Hub messages to indicate they are in some failed state.

Does anybody have a simple step-by-step example

Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data


Thanks for your reply Josh..

What mike is pointing is Once we receive ACK messages the orchestration should pick up that message(receive port with edireceive pipeline) and do the processing. Since these ACKs don't have any PONumber or something to find out the matching order..we could n't do any opertation. Biztalk EDI process matches the ACKs with ICA Control number which is genarated by biztalk automatically when we use the EdiSend pipeline. So we don't have any control on ICA number.

So really I feel we can't do anything on 997 ACKs other than checking the status in Group Hub page.



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I experienced the same problem. The issue is that the report is "baised" towards EDIFACT.

In EDIFACT ... it is typically the INTERCHANGE that gets acknowledged.

In X.12 ... it is the FUNCTIONAL GROUP that gets acknowledged (not the interchange).

If you look at the BAMPrimaryImport database and then navigate to the bam_InterchangeStatusActivity_Completed table and open it (use SQL Management Studio)

You will see columns labelled "IsInterchangeAckExpected" and "IsFunctionalAckExpected".

It appears that if the interchange is X.12 then the former is set to 0 and the latter is set to 1.

I have not done any EDIFACT yet, but I suspect that it is the reverse.

I have not found a way to query for interchanges were a functional ack is expected using the single standard report dealing with 997s provided with R2.

Basically ... the reports that ship with R2 are (IMO) completely inadequate in terms of giving you what you need to actually implement real world EDI processes.

I am guesssing that Microsoft's solution is for you to develop BAM reports yourself.


Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data

Mohsin Kalam – MSFT

Just to clear out some confusion, in both X12 and EDIFACT, both the interchange and the functional group can be acknowledged. In X12, Interchange ACK is known as TA1 and the Functional ACK is 997. In EDIFACT, both these acks are called CONTRL acks, the difference being that the Functional ACKs have additional loops in it.

The "ACK expected" flag just points out that a TA1 is expected (not a 997). This usually is the case if ISA14 on the outbound message is set to 1 (which means the person receiving this message should generate a TA1). Once a TA1 is received for an interchange, that ACK expected is changed!

Hope this clears out any confusion. I will investigate further on how to correlate a 997 with an outbound message and post my findings here.


Mohsin Kalam - Blog about Microsoft BizTalk R2 EDI

Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data



Thanks for the clarification on the TA1 versus 997. This was helpful. I have not done TA1s.

I still have a problem because the EDI Status Report - "EDI Interchange and Correlated ACK Status" does not appear to provide a mechanism for querying for only those X.12 interchanges which contain at least one functional group which has not beel acknowledged by a 997 after "x" number of days.

If you could tell me how to get such a report it would be appreciated.

I have started to look at BAM but I cannot get the BAM add-in installed ... most likely because I am not running the latest Office Suite.

Another problem I have encountered is that the schema for the ST:02 element appears to be incorrect.

<xs:element name="X12_997_Root">


- <xs:element name="ST02">
- <xsTongue TiedimpleType>
- <xs:restriction base="X12_N0">
<xs:minLength value="4" />
<xs:maxLength value="9" />
"X12_N0" appears to indicate a numeric field while "X12_AN" appears to indicate an alphanumeric field.
According the the standards documentation I have (Foresight) the ST:02 is AN.
If any Trading Partner uses an alpha prefix it won't work.

Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data

Mike Koerner


I had the same question about checking for EDIs not Acked. I posted some sql code to check the Acks

in "Processing Inbound 997 Acks" PostID=2097809&SiteID=1

I haven't seen any ST02 values that have not been numbers.



Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Problems receiving 997 functional acknowledgement data



Do you have / have you found any information like a database diagram for the BAM Primary Import Tables

The SQL you posted was very helpful. I learned more about BAM this week and it from what I could see BAM does not provide a mechanism for "joining" various BAM Primary Import tables to create a new BAM View that could be displayed in the BAM portal. For that it appears we would need to create new database views and then create a GUI for the user using something like SharePoint Portal.

We are also struggling with how to capture "Tracking Data". This would be things like PO# on 850s, Bill-of-Lading# on 856s, and Invoice# on 810s. Tracking data needs to be available so that we can query by PO# to find all the outbound interchanges containing a PO# and whether or not they have been acknowledged for example.

We could use BAM to collect the tracking data ... but not sure what we would need to add as a field to allow the data to be linked to the other BAM Primary Import tables.

The problem is that the map produces X.12 XML but only the document including the ST-SE. The interchange segments get added when it goes through EDISend pipeline which writes directly to the BAM tables.