What exactly is the definition of the Stream Layer There is no such layer in the OSI model or TCP/IP. What are some concrete examples of the application of filters placed in this particular layer What kind of traffic should I expect to capture in this layer.



This filtering layer is located in the stream data path. This layer allows for inspecting network data on a per stream basis. At the stream layer, the network data is bidirectional.



Re: Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Stream Layer question

Biao Wang [MSFT]

You will be indicated TCP data segments at stream layer (no IP nor TCP headers). You can "slice and dice" section of the stream and WFP/tcpip will adjust the seq#/ack# and sliding windows accordingly. One example would be an parental control appliction removing inappropriate contents from an HTTP page and replace it w/ something that's appropriate for kids.

You can review the "Steam Editor" example in the WDK which find and replace arbitary token from a TCP stream.

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