I am developing an interface device that might be revolutionary. I have created a simple hardware prototype with an embedded processor to extract the data from the sensors and am having great difficulty getting the data into my PC for processing and analysis. I have done a lot of programming with assembly, C, and FORTRAN, but very little PC work. Moving up to the .NET and Windows environment is proving to be a significant challenge. Maybe if I describe my needs someone can tell me a way or help develop a roadmap to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

My device will provide six integers representing acceleration in the six degrees of freedom (linear motion along X, Y and Z, and rotational motion about X, Y and Z). My plan is to send them to my PC over Ethernet via UDP. I want at least ten frames per second of data, faster if possible. This is my idea of quick and simple, using a private network with low utilization. Keep in mind, development, not final product. Once I get the data on the PC, I can integrate it into velocity and position.

I am having difficulty just getting the data into my computer for initial processing. I will be happy to start with a simple array of numbers displayed on the screen, but hope to eventually graduate to a graphics display with something like the image of an airplane or space ship showing attitude (pitch, roll, yaw) and a moving background for linear motion.

I have Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition (and C++, and I am going to try Basic) on my PC, but when I try to figure out classes such as UdpClient, I find the formal description to be quite sterile (for lack of a better term). I am having a very difficult time translating that information (and other information I can find) into something that meets my needs.

There is much more than can be said but I recognize that this is already too long for a reasonable post so I will stop here and solicit opinions and advice.

Re: Hot Technology Interface device and control software


First I'd have to ask, why Ethernet, rather than, say, USB

Second, you'd want to look into Direct3D, I think, in order to represent the various axes you're talking about ...

Re: Hot Technology Interface device and control software


I cannot use USB because my board has ethernet but not USB. I am using a prototype board from Rabbit Software (formerly ZWorld) to get the data from the sensor and it has only Ethernet and the download port. I hope to use the same basic software concepts for data input for other projects.

The Direct3D looks like it might help.

But the first problem is getting the data into the PC. I am not at all versed in the Microsoft Visual Express editions and have not found suficiently simple examples to just read in UDP message N times a second. That is where I need the most help. About ten times per second the embedded processor will send out 6 sixteen bit integers representing the sensor readings. I want something that will capture that data and make it available for processing.