Microsoft just launched its beginner developer learning center.

Good intention but bad implementation. Wonder who actually prepared this tutorial.


2 0 = 1



2 10= 1024



2 20 = 1,048,576



2 30 = 1,073,741,824

 (could not find a report button on the site. Probably one of the MSFT guys can pass the info to the guys incharge)

Re: Hot Technology 1MB = 1024 bytes

Moayad Mardini

Thank you for reporting, I have just sent a report about that issue.
Best regards.

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Jay Vora

gr8..gud job frnd..

its really an appreciatable effirt by MS

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Still not fixed.

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Their is a bigger problem
Why do hard drive constructors uses 10^3 for a kilebytes when microsoft uses 2^10 ... i know they look equivalent but it is always so much fun when you buy a 320 GB HDD that once formatted is 298 GB Smile
Love normalization

Re: Hot Technology 1MB = 1024 bytes


I almost thought there is no problem until I looks closely.

It is 1MB = 1024 KB = 2^20 Bytes

I think the problem is the table is rather confusing and hard to understand.

It should be this way.

1 Byte = 8 Bits.


1 KB = 1024 (2^10) Bytes

1 MB = 1024 (2^10) KB

and so on. So the reader can see the unit progression, which is constant 1024.

1MB = 2^20 Bytes is like, WTH, I can't understand it.

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In fact, you should call 2^20 mebibyte (sounds funny), because 1 MegaByte is 1000^2 (or 10^6) in the SI unit.

See definition at

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Oh no, you are making my head hurt. Everyone knows computer measurements uses Megabytes as 1024KB, not like we are really using the metric system. For a moment I was so confused about you guys saying MegaBytes is 1000^2. Technically Mega something is 1000^2 something, but not in computer world. I was almost fooled by you guys to beieve those computer products are using the metric system instead of proper binary units.