Kirthik Raja

Hi all,

Do you think that Windows Vista can be used as Server instead of Windows Server 2003
tell me pls

I looking to change my Server OS...

What does the "WoW" stands for ..............

Thanks in Advance

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Server OSs usually have different tuning in terms of resource allocation than do the standard products and in addition they have much tighter security and better utilities.

I think there's a Vista version of a server OS coming out soon. It would be better to wait.

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Hi kirthik
To know more about WoW visit this link

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Amol A. Vaidya

Hi Kirthik,

Windows Vista is targetted more so as a client side operating system and cannot be looked at as a replacement to Windows Server 2003. However, there is a "server" of the same class which is still a little away in terms of release timeline. It's called Windows Server Codename "LongHorn". You can read more about it's features here :

Also, you can download Beta 2 of LongHorn from MSDN Subscriber downloads