Does anyone knows, if I can run pipeline component only once with two or more OrderForms Because, if i create 1 orderform and 2 lineitemí»s, the pipeline run once; but if i create 1 OrderForm and 1 Lineitem twice, the pipeline run twice (one por OrderForm).



Re: Commerce Server 2007 Pipelines and Multiples OrderForms

J-P Soulieres - Cactus Commerce

Hi Aldo

I don't "think" this is possible, as the CS Pipeline framework is designed to do just that (pass each orderform to the various components). You may be able to do some workaround like placing a value in the OrderGroup the first time it is run (first OrderForm), then on any subsequent calls (other orderforms) you could read the OrderGroup level value and decide to simply exit the function.

Not sure if this will help, but who knows.