Hi All,

I need to understand as when should we use ADFS.

As per my understanding , for implementing ADFS for an external customer organisation, we have a create one(or may be more depending upon number and types of roles to be defined for that customer organisation users) user account in our AD and using ADFS and ADFS federation server/service at our end, we maps it to customer's ADFS federation server/service.

So users logged in the customer's domain when click on our website link,will come to our website without prompted for a login details again as mapped to a common user account in our AD with necessary permissions.

So that means, using ADFS we don't have per external user(one to one) mapping with our organisation's domain.

Please let me know if my understading on this is correct.

If yes, in what scenarios should we use ADFS.


Re: Architecture General When to use ADFS


You definitley need to look at this whitepaper on msdn. Have a look under "Federation scenarios".

I hope this helps