I'm using Windows XP SP2.

I just installed Office 2007 and started up the new Outlook. It prompted me to download WDS 3.0, so I did. I then restart and notice the new search textbox over next to my task tray icons. I click the magnifying glass, the large menu pops up, I click the X in the upper right corner. Boom, explorer.exe crashes. I start it back up, the textbox is now gone. I right click the magnifying glass icon in the task tray and shutdown WDS.

About 30 minutes later I try to maximize Outlook to view my emails. I receive the "Outlook isn't responding" bubble. I alt+ctrl+del and end Outlook.exe. After Outlook shuts down, I notice my CPU is still running at 100%. Hmmm. I glance down the list and explorer.exe is using 100%. For the next 5 minutes. I end explorer.exe and restart it. I restart Outlook. I pull up Outlook fine and shoot off an email. Meanwhile, I've left task manager up. Five minutes later, I glance over to it on my second monitor and notice the CPU is running at 100% again. I'm doing nothing. So I end explorer.exe again, sit there a few minutes and decide to uninstall WDS. After restarting explorer.exe, I open add/remove programs. I notice the task manager shift 100% cpu usage to explorer.exe for the next 5 minutes or so (even after add/remove has been opened and populated and is doing nothing). So I end explorer.exe and restart it yet again. I then uninstall WDS 3.0. Problem seems fixed so far.

Sidenote: When uninstalling WDS 3.0, I get this nice popup during the "Inspecting Current Configuration" step. It says "If Windows Desktop Search, these programs may not run properly." It then proceeds to list every program listed in add/remove programs, including Windows updates. Kinda overkill, eh ;)

Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Explorer.exe continually uses 100% CPU

David Peng - MSFT

When you had that first crash, did you send the crash report If you did, please go to system viewer and reply back with the BucketID of the crash.

Would you try to install WDS 3.0 again and see if you are still having this problem If you have installed it again, please do not remove that icon in the tray, this could cause some problems.

Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Explorer.exe continually uses 100% CPU


I believe the issue has more to do with Office 2007. I most frequently notice the same problem you described with Word 2007. There appears to be a system thread which doesn't get ended after the program is closed. When the problem appears with Word, I then see the same problem with Outlook 2007.

Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Explorer.exe continually uses 100% CPU


I don't have any problem with Vista and Office 2007, but on one of my workstation where I am running XP sp2, I installed office 2007 and basically explorer. would not respond. I was able to uninstall office 2007 and afterward it was back to normal. What is the issue with office 2007 and XP