1) Im watching a movie and I press the button to capture a bookmark

1-a) I capture the info Player.bookmark.save()
1-b) I create an object "Bookmarkcopy" which saved a copy of the attributes of the Player.bookmark and then I insert this Object in an Array CAPTURES.
(I need to to that because the Player.bookmark state will change the next time I do a capture , ant it doesnt exist a type Bookmark ...to do something like: new Bookmark(elapsedTime, track, title) )

1-c) I store in PS the bookmarkInformation needed to identify this bookmark (unique)
1-c)I capture the image and show it , only to show to the user the bookmark its captured OK.

In PS it will be a lot of bookmarks of differents moviess disks. We store them in different areas of PS or can I write the info in a file .txt named with the indentifier of the disk
Where can I find the identifier of the disk (also unique) or the name of the movie


My idea is when I insert a disk,

2.a) Search in PS all the bookmarks captured from this disk, read the ID info of the bookmarks , with the ID I can obtain the info needed to make a "object copyBookmark" of each one, and one by one and store them in the array CAPTURES of my application. (LOOP)

In the same way, for each object copyBookmark stored in the array I can obtain the elapsedTime, and I can load to cache the frame or the image of each elapsedTime of each Bookmark. Can I obtain or capture an image of an elapsedTime of the movie if its not playing in this moment I ask it because the function capture() , capture the elapsedTime we are showing in the moment. Must I jump to this elapsedTime to be able to capture it

O load the images to cache because, if the user ask to see the bookmarks captured. we have to show him all the frames, in order he can choose where he want to jump.

2.b) Now we have loaded all the info is needed , and if the event SHOW BOOKMARKS its called, only I have to create several buttons and put all the images I have in cache as background.
When the user press the button he has choosen we are jumping to the elapsed Time of the bookmark choosen ( the id of the button must to be related to the object Bookmarkcopy) ....

I copy the Bookmarkcopy.elapsedTime to Player.bookmark.elapsedTime
and the same for track and title...

and I do Player.bookmark.jump()

Im in the good way

Re: HD DVD Interactivity Authoring several bookmarks II

Peter Torr - MSFT

For your first question, each disc has its own directory on persistent storage. So you would use a URI such as:

"file:///required/" + PersistentStorageManager.contentID + "/bookmarks.txt"

for your file name. That way, no disc will accidentally over-write another disc's content.

For your second question, there is no way to do that. If you want to show thumbnails, you should store them when you capture the bookmark in step 1

Finally, you need to make a call such as:

Player.playlist.titles[ID_OF_TITLE].jump(TIMECODE, false);

And then (optionally) also restore the audio and subtitle track information.