Genuine Basil

Problem is once I start the batching from party, batching orchestration never gets instantiaed.. I am getting below message while refreshing.

'Batching is activaed, Batching orchestration is not instantiated yet"

Batching was working fine till today morning and all of a sudden it stopped instantiating orchestration.. i checked batching orchestration and the batch control recv location..and everything looks good..

Has anyone faced similar issue.. any thoughts on what would be failing

Re: BizTalk EDI and AS2 Issue with Batching Orchestration

Mohsin Kalam ĘC MSFT

The batching orchestration needs to be in the started state for Batching service to start!

Try the following:

1. Go to BizTalk EDI Application node under Applications

2. Go to Orchestrations

3. Verify that all the orchestrations under Microsoft.BizTalk.EDI.* are started. If not please start them. Restart all of them to flush out any caching issues

4. Go to Receive Location and verify that BatchControlMessageRecvLoc is enabled

5. Under BatchControlMessageRecvLoc click on SQL configure button and you will see the polling interval value there. Set that to 5 seconds

6. Restart the BizTalk service and retry your scenario

Hope this helps