Hi all ,

I need your help to understand the difference between the two patterns MVP and MVC.

I understand well the MVP one , but still need to understand the MVC. When do we use them , in each situations and what is the choise in my application to choose them.

Thanks in advance...

Re: Modeling and Tools MVP and MVC patterns

Panagiotis Kanavos

The MVP is a variation of the MVC pattern. The Presenter and Controller classes have similar roles in both patterns with one difference. In MVP, the View has no direct access to the Model. In MVC, both the View and the Controller have access to the Model. MVP essentially hides the model from the View. MSDN has a nice and short description of the MVC pattern.

Re: Modeling and Tools MVP and MVC patterns

Re: Modeling and Tools MVP and MVC patterns


Here is a great web cast by Ron Jacobs which is of 3 parts:

Here is part 1 you will find links to parts 2 and 3

http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx PostID=312315

This is the best response I have found so far.

Re: Modeling and Tools MVP and MVC patterns

Martin Platt

I would agree with livetocode...

The ron jacobs casts are good for explaining the differences, similarities, and evolution into to types of MVP.

Perhaps this area of patterns could really do with its own forum, there's so many different question about it, i think that it would be worth it

If you've ever used the old C++ development environments, that might help you to understand how MVC works (View and Document objects, etc), on the other hand it might just give you more questions!

I hope this helps, but if it doesn't please ask again, exactly what you're interested in, or confused about