Dave Navarro

Good to see a new software testing forum up, Julie. I see almost 100 people have viewed your welcome thread but there have been no posts so far. Perhaps an introduction thread would get people to come out of the woodwork and start some discussions. I'll start it up ...

If you're reading this, why don't you introduce yourself and tell us ...
1) Your name and location
2) Your position and how long you've been in the field
3) Your #1 question / need related to software testing. (That should help get some threads started!)

I'm Dave Navarro in Raleigh, NC. I'm a QA Manager & have been testing software for over 10 years.

Currently my biggest question is how to get the most out of my Mercury QuickTest Professional trial. I've downloaded it (but not installed it yet) and I want to learn a little more before starting my 14 days with it.

If anyone's got any advice for quick-start tutorial sites, I'm all ears.

Keep on rocking -


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Unmesh Gundecha

Hi Dave,

I'm Unmesh Gundecha from Pune, India. I' am working on software development and testing projects (more of non-functional testing) from last 6 years.

For a quick start on QTP follow the tutorial bundled with evaluation version. http://www.sqaforums.com/postlist.php Cat=0&Board=UBB20 is also great place to learn more about QTP.



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Julie Madhusoodanan

Hi Dave,

It's a good idea to ask folks to introduce themselves. Thanks for starting this thread. I've been working in the software testing and development realm for 9 years. I'm looking forward to sharing my views and experiences gathered over the years on different aspects of software testing ranging from test design, test scheduling, automation and other related topics. My primary focus has been client/server application testing over the last several years.

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Ash R

Hello Dave,

My name is Ash and I am in Calgary, Canada. I have been in dev for a few years and have just recently switched over to QA. I suppose currently, my number issue is ensuring test coverage for my regression and smoke tests.

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Alan Page

Hello everyone.

I'm Alan Page, and I have been a software tester since 1993, and at Microsoft since 1995. Excluding few brief stops testing IE and video capture drivers on Windows 2000, I basically spent 5 years testing windows 9x operating systems, then 5 years on the Windows CE team - then the last two years on Microsoft's Engineering Excellence team. My current role is a combination of technical training, internal consulting and research (plus a bunch of random other stuff).

My "specialties" if I were to choose this week, would be test process improvement, defect prevention (and associated practices), test design patterns, and identifying career paths for testers, but I'll be taking part in the forum to help answer just about any question you want to ask about testing.

Of course, you're also welcome to read my blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/alanpa and interact with me directly there as well.

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James Rodrigues

1) Though my name is James, I usually go by Jim. I work in Redmond at Microsoft.

2) My current position is Director of Test Excellence for the Engineering Excellence team and I have been with the company since 1992.

3) I have a lot of interest areas but one that I always enjoy is discussing how to build testability into a product. I have done a lot of test automation in past jobs and always get thrills figuring out the best way to test something. Each problem is unique and the definition of best can include quickest, most cost effective or most reliably done with available resources amongst other factors.

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Hi All,

1) Evan Donahue, Champaign IL
2) Director, Software Quality Assurance, just hit the 10 year mark in the field.
3) I'm wondering about good training tactics for entry level qae's that also prevents me from "corrupting" them with my own style :-)


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My name is Corey Goldberg.

I am a developer/tester from Boston, focused mostly on tool development and system performance. I have 10 years of testing/development experience.

I am currently working as a performance engineer and tools developer for a healthcare communications company. I am also the developer of several open source test tools.

Homepage: http://www.goldb.org
Blog: http://www.goldb.org/goldblog

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Jim Hazen, Denver Colorado

Director of Delivery, SQA Services

Twenty years in Software Testing

Number 1 question I've got a bunch of them. My main one is why do we keep re-inventing the wheel in regards to Software Testing & QA. Meaning after all these years we as a profession still seem to be lost in the woods (both in process and in the scheme of things of a company). Another question, that I get, is "what does calkelpdiver stand for". Answer: California Kelp Diver. I spent 14 years in So. Cal. and used to dive every weekend, little tougher in Denver now. But at least I can afford a house!


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James Rodrigues

Did you want to start a thread on this subject I have some opinions as to why the wheel gets re-created and when it is OK and when not. I am sure many others have opinions here as well.

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One more testing site to add to my bookmarks...

1) Phil Kirkham, inbetween Reading and London, England

2) Test Lead/QA Manager/ test guru/ general dogsbody, been programming for 20 years, testing for 3

3) How to explain to people that not just anyone can test...

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1) Chris Woodrow, rAdelaide, South Australia

2) QA Coordinator (IT for 4.5 years total, Testing for 1.5 years)

3) How to estimate testing time when many usual factors are unknown. The specific question was "If everything else is best case scenario and if programming time is 100 hours then how many hours will you need to test "

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C Nash

1) Colin Nash , Manchester, UK

Working for a Healthcare and Social Services software company.

2) Software Developer for about 9 Months, Testing for about 4 Months.

Currently tasked with producing an end to end test strategy for our new product.

Also teaching the other developers about unit testing.

Definately feeling i've been thrown in the deep end Smile

3) How do I convince management that we need more than just manual functional testing

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Hey this is sattu, India

QA lead and Working in this field for the past 5 years

Testing data migration is my first question- means if the old data is on mysql and newly migrated data on sql server then how can we automate to verify all the data retreived is correct without knowing the stored procedures used by developers.

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I am Ashish working at Adobe Noida. i am into Software Testing from last two years.

Questions is what do you think Software Testing is a Art or Science.