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I'm currently implementing an industrial robot arm on base of the KUKA LBR arm.

For connection the arms I'm using the normal 6DOF joints, locked in all but twist mode, which is free and has a JointDrive attached to it.

When I move the robot arm now, all other joints start moving as well, not only in their only free direction, but to nearly all others as well. After finishing the move, the other arms have gone back to their original state, but this is nothing near to real. Of course I know that there is a force applied to all other joints when moving, but in reality this force is deflected to the ground.

Are there any hints on improving this behaviour I tried to modify the spring and damper coefficients of the drive, but that didn't change much.

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Michael Vistein

Re: Microsoft Robotics - Simulation Rigid joints


Hi there,

The Wobbly AGEIA Joint problem has been tackled by Kyle-MSFT before, using ProjectionMode (according to Kyle-MSFT, what AGEIA invented to fix its own problem). This problem is due to the inaccuracy of numerical integration

You could his thread out here

http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=1765047&SiteID=1

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