Stefano C.

Hi everyone,

i am a newbie in commerce server and i am having some problem in a deploy activity.

I deploied a commerce site using the pup.exe tool and an ini file holding the configuration. The operation ends without errors, and Web sites, Resources, Applicatio and Database are created

When i try to browse de commerce site i receive the following error:

The inventory schema is not valid. The inventory schema does not correspond to the current version of Inventory System.

Could anyone help me, please, i don't now what to do to fix this problem.

Thank you in advice


Re: Commerce Server 2007 The inventory schema is not valid

Stefano C.

We have found a solution...

We used an ini file to unpack the commerce site

The inventory resource was listed BEFORE the Product Catalog Resource, so the tables related to the inventory wasn't created (and so we have the schema error).


Resource3=Product Catalog
Resource4=Transaction Config
Resource6=Site CS Authentication
Resource7=Biz Data Service


Changing the resources order in the in file has solved out problem.