Chris Restall

I've setup a receive location through which all my XML messages will come through. It's standard out of the box biztalk except I'm a little puzzled by envelopes. If I have, say 100 different XML schema's each with envelopes, it appears I have to manually list each envelope in the EnvelopeSpecName field of the XMLdisassembler pipeline properties so it can find them. It seems that I'm going to have quite a list for this receieve location.

Is there a better way Seems klunky to have the ability to associate many schemas and maps with a receieve location but have to specify each envelope at the pipeline property level.

Re: BizTalk R2 General Envelopes

Leonid Ganeline


It's easy to create a lot of the receive locations by binding file:

- create one RL

- create a binding file

- open the binding file with your text editor

- select the receive location Xml text (1)

- create the list of all receive location names (2)

- create the Xml text (3) for all receive locations from (1) AND (2)

- insert (3) on place (1)

- deploy the binding file

Re: BizTalk R2 General Envelopes

Chris Restall

Hi Leonid,

That is the original approach I was going to take, 1 receive location per partner/doc type. Creating a bunch won't be a problem. I've been looking at the ESB guidance which has the onRamp concept. Basically one receive location for XML, one for EDI, and one for flat. Context property values can be looked up from within the pipeline or passed in via soap headers.

For the most part, this fits what I would like to do except for envelopes. Not sure how to basically have one receive location for XML and be able to associate a collection of envelopes with it, then let the engine determine the correct envelope during the disassembly process.