Dolly K.

Is campaign level goaling really implemented as ad-level goaling I ask because a bug in the UI allows you to enter more scheduled events for an ad than the # of events scheduled for the "campaign-level-goaled" campaign it belongs to. The runtime behavior is that it delivers the ad until it reaches the # of events scheduled for the ad, even beyond the campaign-level goal.


Re: Commerce Server 2007 Campaign level goaling

J.F. Larente

I may be wrong but my impression of goaling is that it was just used for reporting, not for setting hard limits. This way you could report against campaign or ad performance later.

Re: Commerce Server 2007 Campaign level goaling

David Lott - MSFT

Yes. The runtime only supports ad-level goaling. Campaign level goaling is a primarily to make entry via the UI convenient. As you've noticed, campaign and ad level goals can get out of sync. Per

Campaign.NumberOfEventsOrdered Property

This property is for informational purposes only. Content Selection logic doesn't use it in any way. The purpose of it is to let the campaign author set this number as a planned number of events for the campaign. Later, when ads are added to the campaign, the actual number of events scheduled will be increasing with each added ad, and the campaign manager may use NumberOfEventsOrdered value as a benchmark when balancing relative numbers of events for each individual ad in the campaign. But neither the API, nor the UI enforce the requirement that the Projected Number of events and actual number of events should match. Instead the UI will give a warning when they don't match.

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