We're using Commerce Server in the following envronments: Development, Staging, Production. Our client wants the ability to add products to the staging system, test them and when they're happy 'publish' them to the production system. We were going to using CS Staging but have discovered that when replicating business data from the source server (staging) to the end point (production) server it creates the catalogs, categories and products but not the Inventory SKU's. this means that when adding a new item to the basket in production the user receives an 'out of stock' error when running the basket pipeline.

Firstly, I'd like to know why CS Staging doesn't do this. But I'd also like to know what the best approach to this scenario is.


Re: Commerce Server 2007 CS Staging and Creating Products

Max Akbar - MSFT

Yup, that's correct the Commerce Server Staing only stages Catalog data. You don't stage Inventory.