hi all

i am doing a file to file scenario.i have configured successfully and deployed.but when i place an xml file in the source it is getting picked but it is not placing it in the required folder.

here i assume that the problem mite be in the pipeline step..

how do we monitor the message in biztalk explain me with steps

any related information is welcome.



Re: BizTalk R2 General message monitoring in biztalk



A good place to start is with HAT. There is a ton of stuff on the web and in the help files. You can use it to check a messages flow, look at message context, walk through orchestrations. etc etc. The event log may also provide information as to what might have gone wrong.

Hope that helps

Re: BizTalk R2 General message monitoring in biztalk

Leonid Ganeline - MVP

Almost all BizTalk developers use the DebugView utility (free for download in Internet) to monitor the Orchestrations and Helper classes.
Then using the test ports with direct subscription and filters is the usefull practice.
HAT and Event viewer, of course.

Re: BizTalk R2 General message monitoring in biztalk

Alan Smith MVP


Admin Console Group Hub Page

I always take a new quiry, and search for All Service Instances. This will show all the active, suspended, dehydrated messages and orchestrations. This query will be a view of the Message Box db, showing you what is going on at that moment in time.

HAT Tool

I often use the "Most 100 Recent Service Instances" query, this is a view of the tracking database, and will show what has happened (services that have previously executed).

Event Log

The application section of the event log can be useful to view, it shows any errors and warnings reported.