Hi there,

I'm trying to get the BasicPlayback sample to stream rtsp from a network source.

First I had trouble playing mms too, but I changed the MFCreateMediaSession to MFCreatePMPMediaSession and the mms problem went away. (MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_SCHEME)

But I still can not open an rtsp stream, because GetObjectFromURL returns 0xc00d427b (MF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVER).

The video is hosted on a Microsoft Media Server, and WMP plays it just fine.

Any thoughts


Re: Media Foundation Development MF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVER


Hi Bernd,

Regarding RTSP not working with the media session you create with MFCreateMediaSession, that's a known bug that will be fixed in the next release of MF.

As for the MF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVER, it's not obvious what is happening. Most strangely, given you say that MMS works, there should be no obvious reason why RTSP wouldn't work, so I have a few questions for you:

- Is the URL scheme "rtsp://"

- Is your machine behind a firewall Do you need a proxy to connect to the internet

- If your machine is behind a firewall, is the Windows Media Server in the local network

Re: Media Foundation Development MF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVER


Hi Thales,

The url scheme is rtsp.

I now used 2 remote media servers. One is a public broadcast server (for reference) and the other is the one of our customer (which I'm having trouble with).

I fired up Wireshark and took a look at the rtsp negotiation.

The public server negotiation looks like this:


200 w/ SDP

200 w/o SDP




stream plays

This is the negotiation with the customers server:


200 w/ SDP

DESCRIBE retransmission

200 w/ SDP

and then it goes on trying port 80 and HTTP

I will investigate it a little more in the coming days, and provide some feedback on it.