Couple questions to MSFT RFID Team:

  1. Is there the PCT available with the BizTalk RFID RC1
  2. Should we wait for a RTM revision to implement localization in providers or did I miss it


Re: BizTalk RFID RC1 or RTM?

Andreas Erben

How are you Smile

Since nobody replied so far:

In regards to 2.: If I remember well, the last information we received (in May in Seattle), was that there would be a special RC for IHVs to implement localization. I have not seen it yet, but then we are not an IHV (even though we wrote a provider).

But then - June 27 passed - so - .some of us should have access to RTM by now. (No announcements of a delay were made...) - I don't, however...

I received the info that we even could go live with our jumpstart customers before GA - so - I am getting challenged already by a customer where the RTM is so that we can at least do valid test installations already since they do not waste resources on pre-release code when RTM should be there already.

Re: BizTalk RFID RC1 or RTM?

Anush Kumar - MSFT

Hi folks:

First off, apologies for the tardiness in responding to this thread.

In a nutshell:

1. We are on track for GA release around the first week of September as we had committed to previously

2. We will work closely with our h/w vendor community to ensure that the providers are ready and available to the entire s/w and customer community of BizTalk RFID

3. If you are involved in an early adopter program (such as TAP or Jumpstart) the respective teams will be providing guidance on taking early adopter customers into production very soon, if not already.

Hope this clarifies

If there are any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ping me as well