Supriya Admulwar


Is the event OnNewWindow in Web Application Adapter capable of handling any pop-ups in a web app

This event is not able to catch the Microsoft CRM pop-up windows!

Please Help!

Re: Customer Care Framework Handling Web Application Pop-ups in Agent desktop

Robert MacLean

Not sure on the popup catching (never had it myself), but the MSCRM stuff sounds like you have configured it wrong.

You can access all the MSCRM windows directly, and should be embeding direct pages to the info. I.e. when viewing a contact you should build the URL to the contact window (with the GUID) and show that inside the Agent Desktop.

For the URL the MSCRM SDK is a good help but limited. I did blog on other URLs which you may need at ID=14

Re: Customer Care Framework Handling Web Application Pop-ups in Agent desktop

Supriya Admulwar

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Assuming that I have a window configured for a specific contact (using the GUID) in my Agent Desktop, even if I want to check out a specific activity of that contact or a quote of that contact, I will need to navigate through the left pane where I will get a datagrid of related records and double-click the required one to view the details. This web page will open outside the agent desktop.

It is possible to have all these related entities as individual hosted applications for direct access, but, in my view, to maintain a tab in the CCF Agent Desktop for every possible CRM Entity will be not only complex but a bit inconvinient for navigation!

The CCF Samples have a demo web application which showcases all possible ways in which a pop-up can be handled. I was wondering, if CRM windows can be handled in similar fashion

Also, it would be great if you could assist me in getting one of the CRM URLs.

I am trying to configure a CCF Hosted Application for CRM Sales Literature, but am not able to get the exact URL. I don't want the edit page, but a page which will display a list of records as per the default view of Sales Literature.

In CRM, KB can be directly accessed by http://localhost:5555/CS/home_managekb.aspx.

Please let me know if you can provide me with some information.