Amit Rohilla


I am getting the following error while trying to bind a .NET dll in a process in RFID.

When I try to validate the process i get this error.


The process has a component that is not reachable. None of its event handler methods will ever get called. There is no path for system type starting from a logical device that reaches this event handler. One common reason for this happening is that there are event handlers but no logical devices in the process. The event handler is <EventHandlerDefinition xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<assembly>RFID.SCM.ManufacturerRFIDProcess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2318a97b4faa0bce</assembly>
</EventHandlerDefinition>. Verify if this event handler is properly positioned in the process pipeline.


Also can I call a Web Service from the Event Handler..

Is this the right method..

  1. When ever a TAG is detected by the RFID scanner
  2. .NET Eventhandler (Component) gets executed
  3. Which will then call a Web Service.

Is this the right approach, or there are some other approaches too. for this.

One more question. how can we get some additional information other then TAG info in the EvenetHandler.

I am using the BeepEHSample for generating TAGS etc...

I am not using any of the physical devices.

Amit Rohilla

Re: BizTalk RFID Error while adding a dll under Components Bindings

Krishna Kurapati

hi Amit,

From your description about the error message, I guess

you added only one Event Handler to the process but no logical device. If this is not the case you might have a event handler preceeding to "notify" event handler that is not returning any Tag Events.

For better under standing about the concepts look at samples.

you can call web service from event handler. The steps you are saying are stright forward and you can proceed.

your next question is not clear enough. What additional information you want to get

How you are using beepEH Sample to generate TAGs You can use devicesimulator.exe to simulate TAGs.