Hey. I have not used vista enough to know weather its *** or not, but I have been searching forums here and there and I have seen alot of people do not like it. Is this because of a mental issue Is it too hard to accept a new Windows DO YOU PLAY GAMES TOO MUCH  *** I think vista is fine. Yeah this b.s. about Mac posing... Vista has only 1 thing that looks like Mac os x... that is the search option. Same look. Same preference settings. I saw this really funny video, man you've gotta love him, but hes wack. He will say anything to go against Mac. He sais that Windows is not copying Mac because: "Look as you can see the search option on Mac is on the top right of the window. Now, look as you can see that the search option on Vista is on the bottom left of the window. ***Since... the User interface came out maybe And mac, now how long has Mac had that search option on the top right..... ***. You made no point. So there it is, that silly option is gone from the list. Make up another one.

So... 1 thing I could say that would change windows..... How about more batch files! yeah... More attachments that give you more progressive and logical options... Yeah mac profected that. And some kind of thing that stops hackers from intruding (impossible)

So... 1 thing I could say that would change MAC..... How about less thinking!!!!!! Maybe a little less Do you know how many * times I have had to deal with a * mac and its slow processing speed It was a 2.0 GH processor man... it shouldnt be doing that. Now this is on multiple occations. If you even think about touching that X button to close the window... cause you are in for the most annoying, long * sitting session of your life! Oh and internet issues... you can't see anything on the net. Oh and internet SETTINGS yes YES thats the one! * if I get on the phone with another tech about a mac with its bloody internet settings again... im going to freak. You know Macs have a tendency to change the settings AUTOMATICALLY There is no reason for this. The settings were perfect. No viruses (of course) No media (songs, videos, games, ect.) * Oh yeah and AOL... not the best annoying program in the world... but on PC its fast. On mac it takes eeeeeeeeeeons of time to get on. I have had sooooo many emailing program problems its disgusting. "Error cannot open file" "Error 2x00034" (just an example) But thats just a start! All of you posters just post away... If you are a Mac user... maybe you could give some insight on some MAC FORUMS and not here. Post away. 

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windows 98 have changed the world

windows vista cant change the world

but its portable easy and have a high security compared to awindows other versions

comon install windows vista to ur computer mam fast geton

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Brian Kramer

While this forum is open for free discussion, I would suggest:

1. Keep the discussion positive and not negative. There are other places if one wants to debate Mac vs. Windows.

2. Keep it professional, which includes not using profanity.


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Hmmm, Mac does seem slow when I see some of my coworkers using it. They always need a new computer. But their notebook is more expensive, they should use it longer. And because those cheaper XP notebook still run pretty smooth, all of XP users still stuck with those 5 years old notebooks, that's just not fair.

Anyway, I don't really care how Vista is Mac like. Because there is always people bitching about Windows, especially the Mac users. It is not like the first day this has happened. Of course they will say this is so Mac and that is so Mac because they never care about the things that are not Mac. Deep down, Vista has a lot of cool stuff. The already cool media center feature from XP MC edition. The build-in partition backup for business version. The bit locker for business. The faster DX10. Parental control. And it runs existing Windows applications, like all Asian PC games.

Everyone has their own reason for their purchase and I respect that. But I really don't like those people bitching the other products. I don't need to *** about Mac to make me feel Windows is better. Anyway, noisy fanboys exist, we just have to deal with it.

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It seems parts of communities are proficient at spotting similarities while not realizing the necessity of evolution of any software system, which essentially causes an on-the-surface convergence of features deemed common among products.
It's rational to incorporate a quick search feature, and it's rational to improve the user interface and graphics, and it's pleasing with a couple of animations (derailed: it's the very basis of most video games, yet there's no dispute about that). Everyone learns from each other.

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Andrew DeVaughn

Thank you for expressing your concerns about the operation of Microsoft. I am sure that they value your opinion. Please take the following into consideration.

1. You stated that you have not used Vista very much, You have NO grounds to make ANY first hand assessment as to it's preformance.
2. You stated that many people seem not to like it, Each person is entitled to his/her own opinion, as you so openly excersise.
3. You stated your point very clearly about your feelings regarding the search engine and it can be sed much more efficiently with 1 to 2 sentences.
4. The guy who you saw in that video is most likely not reading your post so I would recommend that you stop addressing him as if he were.
5. How does Vista posing as a mac have anything to do with Batch Files or logical options
6. If you are un satisfied with your Apple computer, I would recommend that you not buy another one.
7. If you are having difficulty with your Internet, consult somebody who knows how to use the computer.
8. If you are un satisfied with AOL I recommend you switch.

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Andreas Johansson

Please do not feed the trolls. Only look at them and walk away. :)

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I took the time to edit the profanity our of your post, however the next time you post with foul language I will just delete your entire post and recommend a permanent ban on your IP

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I think you are Steve Jobs posing as dudenukem (lol even that name is wrong - its dukenukem).

Don't worry change over to a PC with Windows - even Pirated will do as said by Jeff Raikes here !

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Not talking about MC I would however share the sentiment that vista is very poor I am having terrible problems sending OFFICE 2007 email attachments to anybody atall and I AM GETTING COMPLETELY FED UP WITH IT nobody can read them and it is causing me major grief