I would like to know if I coud use Biztalk to replace te following XCOM feature:

Send a file to a remote system and execute this file on the the remote system.

I currently use this feature to execute the following:

  • .jcl on OS/390 target systems
  • on Windows target systems
  • .shell on Windows systems

Thanks in advance.

Re: BizTalk R2 Adapters and Adapter Pack How to replace XCOM

Ricardo Mendes - MSFT

Hello Toncri,

Although the BizTalk Adapters that are part of the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems package will give you access to information residing on IBM hosts (Mainframes and i-Series midrange computers) thru the ability to connect with DB2, DFM, CICS and IMS there is no functionality to allow you to submit JCL jobs on z/OS hosts.