I'm trying to use GPO to index our users home drive. I've set-up GPO to include this:


As a default indexed path. This does appear in indexing options, however the %username% has not been expanded and remains "%username%". It is not indexed either.

Is there anyway to do something like this in WDS v3.01


Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Indexing home drive

Louis Giliberto - MSFT

Unfortunately, we don't expand environmental variables for indexing paths.

If all the subdirs under home/home are users, you should be able to do:

ofts://{*}/home/home/*/* or even otfs://{*}/home/home/*

Note however that will cause everything under home/home to be indexed.


Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Indexing home drive


I thought as much, but I figured I would ask. Smile Technically what you say would work, as users don't have NTFS permissions to each others home drive. It would of course have WDS trying to access each directory, which would be a bit painful.

Thanks for the answer though - it'd be a nice feature to have in a later version though. Smile