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I need ideas about designs patterns for web banking solutions.


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The MVC pattern have been quite successful in this domain. You can also refer to Front Page controller pattern.

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Re: Architecture General Design Patterns for web banking solutions



Along with MVC I think you could use some sort of workflow framework (WWF or an analogous implementation might be able to help you parallelize development and make the solutions loosely coupled).

 Also layering and Service Oriented approach should be your best friends.


Re: Architecture General Design Patterns for web banking solutions

Diego Dagum

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I believe you may not know that the MSDN Architecture Center has a section specifically intended for Banking Industry (you can access it by clicking here). There you'll find lots of resources directly appliable to banking applications. I want to particularly suggest this one: Banking Integration Factory, a white paper on various software factories ready to provide solutions for integration and composite banking applications

Another good piece may be the Global Bank Scenario, similar to the previous one but a little more landed on ways to produce outcomes

Finally, a series of webcasts on MS-based software architecture and development for banking and financial services, available here

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Re: Architecture General Design Patterns for web banking solutions


I believe there is no single solution for those issues .To me the best way of constructing a web based banking solution (like any other solution) is to focus on the domain. Thus, I strongly recommend you to use Domain-driven Architecture resources and MDA principles to architect such application. Beside, you can use practices in Banking Industry on MSDN, but keep in mind that those are just common scenarios and samples, which means, those samples stand for highlighting an architectural aspect. You should look at them but do not copy those solutions, even one line of code. Focus on business process itself.

This is a common mistake to try to apply patterns or to try to fit on patterns. I think, the right thing is to structure the business domain model first, than extract out the patterns on trade-offs.

As a resource, I recommend Martin Fowler's Enterprise Architectural Patterns book.

Ekrem Aksoy