HI All,

I am using Biztalk to integrate with SAP

I am able to call BAPI_PO_Create from BizTalk and than BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT. after all process I get a new PO number from SAP. But when I see in SAP system that PO number is NOT present.

SO I think that both SAP transaction is not happenning in ONE transation.

what is the solution for this.

pls reply


Re: BizTalk R2 General Biztalk to SAP integration

Yuhang Wang

Hi, Amit,

Please check this Q&A for SAP:


Got the PO Number does not mean SAP has post all the data to the application. So you need to make sure all the parameters you send to the SAP for a purchase order are validate and completed.

So it looks like it is not a really BizTalk SAP Adapter issue but more like a BAPI call issue. You might want to check with some SAP functional consultant or ABAP Programmer for this.

Good luck.