hi all,

i'm going to be working on a web application project using 2.0 with the database backend as oracle.

i would not have any problem developing my web application with oracle database, since ODP's are available and i can probably learn Oracle along the way...

my problem is such that, how do i set up the architecture such that, the web applications ( are hosted in a windows server 2003 machine (iis 6.0) and the database server (Oracle 10g) would be on a SUSE linux machine.

my queries would be:
1- how do i let the web app ( + iis 6.0) communicate /access the oracle database hosted in suse linux
2- would a SOA approach work on this where there would be a service in the Oracle machine to access requests from the web apps & vice versa
3- i also have to consider that i'm provided with a 64mb bandwidth connections.

any inputs would be much appreciated.

thanks all

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Been working between oracle and Microsoft for awhile.

My options

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1) <!--[endif]-->If you use a standard connection ( SQL*Net ) you just need to have your tnsnames.ora entry point to your database server.

2) You could expose a web service from the Oracle database, but for consistence and security reasons I'd recommend you host all of our web services on your windows platform. I'm not a big fan of web services from the database.

3) You can implement caching and pooling options to help you out with this.

You might want to check out they're OraDirect provider has the fastest access in my experience.

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thanks for the heads up...

i also posted a similar question on the codeproject forum and they confirm the same thing as your advise...

that it is posible for an application to access an oracle database running on a linux machine.

i have not yet been able to setup the machine per my configuration on my earlier post but i just wanted to take an

advance info per posting...


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Hi Peter,

I use both Oracle and SQL Server for web development all the time the main thing you need is the correct Oracle client software for the version of Oracle you are running, 9i for both 8i/9i, 10g for 10g and 11g for 11g install the client in your web server and your development server this makes Oracle operating system agnostic. The version specific is very important because new Oracle over writes existing connection which takes forever to clean up. Next you put your TNSNAMES.ORA file in your development folder and the web server. Download and install ODP and add references and permissions and you are almost ready to go. Go to the top of VS2005 and test your Oracle connection with the connection property. I have covered the subject in the thread below and Unix knowledge optional. Hope this helps. PostID=2082601&SiteID=1