Dan Wahlin

I haven't seen a list of planned features for WPF/E but are there any plans to add input controls such as a textbox (and textarea type control), button, dropdown, etc. I know that gets into a whole different realm but I think to truly make WPF/E something capable of more than just fancy animations (which I admit I like), having input capabilities is necessary.

Some very cool data entry forms could be built that handle validation, etc. in creative ways. Imagine a textbox shaking for instance (a mini textbox earthquake) when it contains invalid data. Or, correct textboxes could be faded out bringing the incorrect ones to the forefront so the user could see them better. Fly in a dropdown list containing car models once a manufacturer has been selected from a dropdown, etc., etc.

Re: Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) General Discussion Any future for input controls?

Joe Stegman

Yes - this is something we're working towards. Our goal is to start introducing controls such as Input and Button in Customer Technology Previews (CTPs) in the 2nd half of this year.


Re: Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) General Discussion Any future for input controls?


I know this is the one feature that's really delaying my entry into the world of WPF/E. The most appealing part of WPF/E (for many of us) was the idea that we could use it as replacement for WeForms. Essentially, I was hoping that WPF/E would ultimately blur the line between web and desktop development. I want to be able to have the same rich programming model I get on the desktop with web development and I really thought WPF/E represented a step in that direction. However, without controls and some fundmental building blocks, it's hard to make that move right now. So, while I think this is consistent with the long-term vision for WPF/E, the lack of the feature is making it hard for us to start migrating toward this technology. I guess this is just my way of saying I'd like to see buit-in controls, user controls, and custom controls moved up on the list of priorities. Once some basic controls start coming out, I think you'll see an avalanche of developers moving to WPF/E and you'll also start getting significantly more input on the technology and it's ability to meet the needs of developers. Perhaps I'm just too anxious and I have to live with the fact that this will all be here eventually. I'm just intrigued enough that I can't get over my "I want it all and I want it now" mentality.

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Shiv Kumar


I agree with you completely! We've been waiting for WPF/E to become more than just an animation, grpahics/video thing. Support for such things *is* important in today's user interfaces and so it's good to know that WPF/E has these things. However, the lack of input controls and a few other things has forced us to look at Flex as a better (for the momemt) alternative.

We have two large products planned to start in a few months and are in the same quandry again. A clear list of what's planned for and by when as well as samples that show off those capabilities will help us plan our end better.


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Incidentally, I was thinking about the same idea -- a control or rectangular area on a form that shakes. The implementation is rather lame :)


and was intended only for testing the approach. That was done through GDI+ API calls in Visual FoxPro. I apologize, it's a bit different from the subject you are discussing.