Hi all,

I am now working on the StarterSite. I am planning to add two other Roles to manage users and products online. What kind of roleprovider should I use How can I accomplish it

I appreciate for any input in advance.

Re: Commerce Server 2007 Add roles to StarterSite



You are using the start site so you will notice that the entire website is built on 2.0.

What you need to do to handle your business rules is to manage the profiles and define a role for people. Also store this information in the profiles database.

You will need to define some virtual catalogues which will have different product content for the different user profile role.

I would suggest you modify the call to retrieve products so that it can different from a users role.

This is a general overview to your problem but it is pretty much the way we have delt with customised business rules by extended the functionality provided to us in commerce server.


Re: Commerce Server 2007 Add roles to StarterSite

Stelio Di Bello

That's what you are looking for

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