Hello, I have to conceive an architecture for of an organization front office : Portal +Independent Business Modules :

-Portal -> Share Point 2007

-Seperated Modules wich should communicate between them and between an ERP (legacy system)-> For this, I will shoose, ASP.NET 2.0 (GUI), WWF(Business Process), WCF(interoperability with enhanced web services) and Biztalk server(deployed as ESB)

=>Is my choice of technology relevant to the system needs

thanks in advance

Re: Architecture General architecture for of an organization front office


  • Your choice of technolgy should have more of WCF and less of WWF
  • Interoperability of WCF with legacy system with the user of enterprise or interop is at sometime very cucumbersome to implement.
  • Plus WWF is going though changes and you can have WCF implemented by WWF.
  • Also there is more permutation combination between .net3.0 various component than you can imagine so i would suggest you do some more ground work on WCF implementation detail and Legacy interaction feature like should Legacy system need a wrapper which can translate there message into XML message and vice versa for easier implementation etc.
  • Security aspect and single sign on with card space is also very hard to implement and you should check netfx3 lab which have some good example.

I think you should have a look at CSF also because what you are talking about sound like CSF :

Microsoft Connected Services Framework (CSF) is an integrated, server-based software product which provides common service capabilities needed to connect and manage content services and networks. It builds, delivers, and manages services using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). For telecommunications and service providers, Connected Services Framework allows them to aggregate, provision and manage converged communications services for their subscribers across multiple networks and a range of device types. For media and entertainment organizations, Connected Services Framework provides a service-oriented infrastructure to manage how disparate applications work together to create, manipulate, share and distribute digital content

Re: Architecture General architecture for of an organization front office


Thanks shahid_reza for this response,

I think that CSF is not the best solution because in my case I need to implement Business process which include heterogenous existing systems(ERP ...) I don't think that CSF can assure this . What do tou say about this issue