We are due to deploy WDS 3.01 to an enterprise estate and a number of business lines want to have the deskbar automatically removed. If the users then want to launch the deskbar going forward they still need the ability to right click the toolbar and select Toolbars - Windows Search Deskbar. The legacy group policy addition of the "DB" DWORD value of "1" is obviously unsuitable as this would prevent the launching of the Deskbar for all users. Also removing or renaming the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{97090E2F-3062-4459-855B-014F0D3CDBB1} key in the registry is unsuitable as, even though the deskbar disappears after refreshing explorer.exe, the user cannot launch the deskbar going forward. Essentially I am wondering what is happening behind the scene when right clicking on the toolbar and un-selecting Windows Search Deskbar as this is basically what I am trying to replicate. I have run regmon and filemon with little success (unfortunately there does not seem to be a simple registry enable/disable for this toolbar). Does anyone know of any function within one of the WDS dlls that can be called or any information that may assist with this scenario.

Re: Windows Desktop Search Help Turn off Windows Search Deskbar automatically

Eric Wolz - MSFT

You can only control if the deskbar is registered or not. After that, the display is controlled by Explorer. The display state is not stored in any specified regkey and is persisted in an unspecified register blob.

Re: Windows Desktop Search Help Turn off Windows Search Deskbar automatically


Hi ruddleda,

We are attempting to do the same thing by hiding the Windows Search Deskbar by default. Did you ever come up with an acceptable solution for your organization If so, would you mind sharing what you figured out Thanks!