Adam Young

I am having issues with sound and Vista Ultimate. All of a sudden my onboard audio stopped working. When I test the sound equipment of playback devices I get an error of "failed to play test tone". I disabled integrated sound card and put in a sounds blaster. same issue.

Windows media player gives me an error indicating that either the file is in use, the location where I want to rip files is no good or that I am having proxy issues. None of which is the case.

I installed the hotfix indicated in KB930883. Still no joy. I dont want to do a complete vista install (again).

Cany someone help



Re: Media Foundation Development Vista No Sound

Becky Weiss - MSFT

Fiddling with drivers is my usual suggestion... If that's not working, you might want to try the audio forum: ForumID=351&SiteID=1. It's not really a forum for support issues like this one, but you might have better luck.

Re: Media Foundation Development Vista No Sound


If it's any conselation, I have the same problem.

Through Vista downloaded upgrades, I noticed that I received an upgrade to Windows Media Center on July 30 (KB935652) and it hasn't worked since.

I am looking for answers, hence why I am posting/reading on this forum.