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I need to be able to manually "configure URLs" for documents. I'm not sure how else to word it. Basically, say I have a document "d1" which I get WDS to index. However, I would like to map d1 to URL u1, so that when I search for the document using WDS, I get back u1, and not d1.
This would probably be some sort of wrapper around the index, which would perform the mapping between document ID and URL.

Is there any way to do this I've looked at the documentation, and I haven't found anything that addresses this issue.

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Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Manually Configure URLs

Eric Wolz - MSFT

There is no way currently to do this. The URL is pretty intrinsic in the indexing pipeline and we use that to track the hierarchical location within the index and when crawling. It sounds like something you would want to do post querying and do the mapping there.

Is there any background you can give us on why you would want to do this. This maybe something to consider for a future version.

Re: Windows Desktop Search Development Manually Configure URLs



Thanks for your response. I just thought it would be cool to do, for many reasons. For instance, I index a basic document which contains all the content that I would like to associate with a URL and then map that document to this URL, not to the URL of the document being indexed. This would solve, what I consider to be a pretty huge usecase, of not being bound to displaying the same document that is indexed. If the document I need to display is huge, I could index instead a smaller version of it, and the huge, fancy version would only be used for display, not indexing.

In some sense, this is like a configurable index. It is something one can do post-search for sure, but it would nice to have results show up thru WSD, rather than having to wrap around it with another App.

I'm sorry if I've just said the same thing in many words, but I guess that goes to show that there are many ways of looking at it.

Please let me know if you can think of some way to do this.