I try to create some programs for personal computer for very fast calculations some parameters of the flow (for any liquids and gas.) It is engineering and science problems in computational fluid dynamics and Aerodynamics. I have to use general graphics programming packages, like OpenGL and DirectX for Windows or MESA, GLUT, SDL for Linux also. After we can use some programs, like Excel, Mathcad and so on.

Programs will solve three dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for viscous non steady flow and show us some 3 dimensional images and small moves and figures, some data for reports.

When I use Visual Basic version 6, the exe file is very compact. I can write it very fast. Program working with any computers and with any Windows operation systems without Net Framework, but it is not works with Linux. But the graphics in Visual Basic version 6 are very primitive. I can use OpenGL with Visual Basic, if Visual Basic calls Intel Fortran programs.

Visual Basic is good for small programs , if you have Intel compilers for Windows, Visual C++ 2005 Express, SDK and Net Framework 3. with Windows Vista OS.

If I use java, programs work anywhere. For example for simple programs with any Internet Explorer only, but users have to install Java SDK.I have not to buy it, because I have java standard platform edition 6 and libraries with Windows Vista or I have Java SDK for Linux from Sun.

If you doní»t know what it is, you cannot use java programs.

If I use Visual C++ 2005 Express edition. I have to install SDK, Net Framework v.3.0. The programs will not work on the old computers without Net Framework version 2.40707.For example, with Windows 2000 Server with NET Framework version 1.1.

So, if users don't know what it is Net Framework and they use Windows 2000, Windows 98, they cannot use my computer program (on Visual C++ 2005) without version Net Framework 2.04 or less.

And I don't know. Can my programs work on the next operational systems like Windows in the future Microsoft will change version Net Framework suddenly.

If I use Intel Visual Fortran compiler version 10, I have to buy it for 765 Canadian dollars. But, it is not work with Linux and with Windows together.

(For one operation system only).

So, I have to use many languages today for complex programs for user, like students. I doní»t know future. How Microsoft will change Windows.

Today we have not ISO standards for it.

If I use Fortran, It can calls C language programs. Visual Basic can calls Intel Fortran programs.

I can use these three languages for Windows Vista OS.

But if I use java, it is more convenient. I use only one language for Windows and Linux and free MESA, GLUT, SDK graphic libraries.

For development I may use free Eclipse.


So, I think for researching new projects, I can use two strategies.

1. Using free java compilers, environments for building, deploying and managing programs at first. Try to sell my programs. If I am unemployed.

They can work with Linux and Windows. One program is for two operational systems.

After testing, if I can receive some money from client, buy and use expensive, very fast, not stable technology, which are changing very often. Like Visual C++ 2005, Intel Fortran compiler v .10 and with some Math libraries.

2. Or, I have to choose one type of operation system only. It is easier.

Buy for 760$ Visual Fortran from Intel with Visual C++ 2005 Express for developing with Windows Vista. I will use one language.

And using free Java and Eclipse for Linux after, if my clients will want and if I have a free time and force.

Or I made some mistake

Re: Show and Tell What languages I have to use at first? Java or Visual C++ with Visual Basic and Fortran.



Welcome to the MSDN forums, check the first link below for most C# algorithms book and it is free and the second link is the best math resource on the web and it is also free. This will get you started with C# free, the last link is VS2005 C# Express it is also free just registration required. Hope this helps.

Re: Show and Tell What languages I have to use at first? Java or Visual C++ with Visual Basic and Fortran.


You can make your installer to check .Net avalibility and do a bundle installation, like Games with DX9 installer. And don't worry about .Net version because the new version does not overwrite over version. It is not like DX9 replace DX8 with Backward Compatibility. If you check .Net installations on your computer, you will notice that you can have all .Net 1.1, .Net2.0, .Net3.0 all at same time.

I certainly prefers .Net and C#. C# is very expressive as C++ but memory managed like VB. .Net3.0 has a much better communication fundation and GUI fundation, so it has it's own 3D graphics capability. You don't neccesary need DX, unless your are making high performance flashy 3D graphics.

I used to prefer C++ because Java can't do a lot of things, like simple reference (primitive) parameter passing. And C++ is much faster with manual memory managment. But C# can do C++ can, plus build-in memory managment if I want that extra tricked out performance.

Re: Show and Tell What languages I have to use at first? Java or Visual C++ with Visual Basic and Fortran.


Any programs were written in Fortran,C++ and Java can will work in Linux and Windows.You create one time main codes without different versions of the Net Framework.They not depens on it.It is simple and reliable.And you can use many standarts, like OpenGl.Open any book about computer graphics, visualisations.C++ is using today.

Re: Show and Tell What languages I have to use at first? Java or Visual C++ with Visual Basic and Fortran.


C# is published in ECMA so there is the Mono project you can use to port to any platform, and you know OPENGL is not multi threaded so your computational fluid dynamics and Aerodynamics number crushing could get very slow.