Paul Tew

Hi, we are developing a system that needs to integrate with BizTalk 2006. Can somebody tell me what adaptors we would need to use to work with the commerce server web services Are they SOAP services, or do they use web services enhancements

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Re: Commerce Server 2007 CS Web Services

Max Akbar

Commerce Server has four out of the box adapters Profile, Inventory, Catalog and Orders that you can use Developing with the BizTalk Adapters.


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Aparna V


I need to use the orders web service provided by commerce server 2007 to add products to a basket in an e-commerce web site. can anyone give me pointers regarding this. The orders web service doesnt seem to have any method to create a basket.


Re: Commerce Server 2007 CS Web Services

Agha Asif Raza


The orders web service does not provide you with methods to add create basket and add line items to it. You'll have to go for your own custom implementation if you want this functioanlity to be available via web services.

Similar questions have already been asked in this forum earlier, i would suggest you to have a look at the solutions/suggestions posted against them. Here are the pointers to those: PostID=1552732&SiteID=1 PostID=1553704&SiteID=1

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Re: Commerce Server 2007 CS Web Services

Aparna V

Thanks a lot Agha. That was very helpful