I've completed a enterprise rollout of WDS 2.06.60000.5414 for XP Pro SP2, and we have run into several issues and need some advice. I'll list the steps we've taken below, but are running out of options short of a company wide rollback of the product. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enterprise size - 1500 pc's

Rollout schedule:

5-10 pc's pre-beta evaluation/testing January 2007

40 pc's in Beta test, May 2007

120 pc's in Pilot, June 28, 2007

1300 pc's in full deployment, July 4th, 2007

Technical specs: GPO's set to allow users to index the local drives and one network drive. This network drive is a mapped drive that only each user has access to, ex. L: = \\server\homefolder\%username%. This houses their personal files and their .pst files. This server is at an external datacenter accessed by a WAN.


January - May, developed install package and Group policies. Tested successful, decision to move forward to Beta

May - June, ran two beta groups. The first had some installation issues. Added a reboot to the install and the secon beta group was successful. decision to move forward with a phased rollout with a 100+user pilot and full scale rollout on the holiday week to lessen network demands for initial index. Network bandwidth testing did not indicate there would be an issue, but using the holiday as a precaution.

June 28th-July 4th, Pilot of 100+ installs rolled out with one call to our help desk with an installation issue. Decision to move forward with full scale rollout.

July 5th - rolled out WDS to remainder of company with approx. 70% in the office due to the holiday. By mid-morning were taking an abnormally high number of calls. These were due to an increase in usage of our WAN link of 40mb/minute over normal range which reached the capacity of the WAN.

July 6th - WAN link and were running just below capacity. Decision to implement the Gain on Update policy and set the value to 100/minute. Before the policy WDS was indexing at an approx. rate of 400 items/minute.

July 9, 10, 11 Gain on Update policy implemented successfully. Network bandwith now within acceptable ranges, but WAN link running 20-30mb/minute over normal ranges. Help Desk is now taking a number of calls with descriptions like Outlook Slowness, Outlook locked up, Windows slow. In limited cases we have removed the WDS and seen a return to normal performance for those users. Performance monitoring show's low cpu usage and no other issues.

Questions: We could definitely see a cause for our help desk calls when we ran out of bandwith on our WAN and have resolved that. With the Gain on Update now in effect we are still getting calls but not just related to network resources. At the 100 setting I don't believe the index is able to finish and is running more frequently. Our call descriptions sound like performance/load type issues but we can't find a cause. The users have .pst files of 1GB on average with 10GB on the high side(WAN accessed). While the users can only access their individual files we have 1.2 Terrabytes of cumulitive dat. Has anyone seen issues like this Any possible setting changes