I want that Service 1 (S1) and Service 2 (S2) will be running on Machine 1 (M1) and Machine 2 (M2), respectively.

I want that S2 can be started when S1 starts on M1.

From service tutorial 7, I claim S2 as partner of S1 such that S2 is started on M2 when S1 starts on M1.

However, when I also declare S1 as the partner of S2 in the manifest (using policy "usingexistingorcreate" and the service directory is specified at M1) according to service tutorial 6, a new copy of S1 starts on M2 even S1 is already running on M1 .

Is mutual partner between two services supported in MSRS

Re: Microsoft Robotics - Community mutual partner services

Henrik F Nielsen

Please see this thread for a follow-up