Hello,Puntor again

I do not know if this is possble,but is there a way to make  a free VoIP or Voice over Internety Protocol using visual basic 2005 express,if there is,please help me,i do not know any code to make thios possible or have began makeing code,

if you can help me by posting a code,ill greatly appreciate this


Thanks in advance


*EDIT-What i meant by VoIP is free calling ordinary cellphones and house phones in the u.s.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition VOIP Help



Software for this works with other VOIP handsets too.  

If you register with.>> https://www.tescointernetphone.com/register/

you get to choose another land-line "house" number anywhere in your country for nothing!!

 You could register an account as being in another country if you have relatives there i guess. 

  No line rental!!    


 I think you would have to hack into the cell phone ( mobile phone ) networks to do that, only they know when their networks are being used.

Besides VOIP is so cheap to others using the same program, i.e. FREE, that you might as well use it as is.

As for calling house phones most are less then 2p per minute here in the U.K.

Skype is 1.2 pence per minute.

 I called Australia for about 45 minutes. Total ¡ê0.54p or US$1.05

0.54 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds
= 1.05222 USD
United States Dollars
1 GBP = 1.94855 USD 1 USD = 0.513201 GBP

Rate from http://www.xe.com


 Just believe "Not everyting in life is FREE!!"